aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"Arc light. B-52 strike."
aa"Everytime I hear that, something terrible happens."a"Hueys over there! Lots of Hueys."aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"Let's have a look, chief."It was the AirCav, First of the Ninth, our escort to the mouth of the Nung river. But they were supposed
to be waiting for us another 30 kilometers ahead.
Well, Air Mobile. Those boys just couldn't stay put.
aFirst of the Ninth was an old cavalry division that had cashed in its horses for choppers, and gone tear-assing around 'Nam, looking for the shit. They've given Charlie a few surprises in their time here. What they were mopping up now hadn't even happened an hour ago.
"Sir, Captain Willard. I carry priority papers
from ComSec Intelligence. I understand that Nha Trang
aahas briefed you about the requirements of my mission."a"What mission? I haven't heard from Nha Trang."
"Sir, your unit is supposed to escort us into the Nung."

aaa"Well, we'll see what we can do about that.
aaaaaaaaaJust stay out of my way until this is done, Captain!"aaaa"What we have here... Two of spades, three of spades,
aaaaaaafour of diamonds, six of clubs, ace of spades...aaaIsn't one worth a Jack in the whole bunch..."a"Hey Captain, what's that?""What?"

"This man is hurt pretty bad, sir. About the only thing that's
holding his guts in, sir, is that pot lid."

"Yeah? What have you got to say?"

"This man, dirty VC. He want water. He can drink paddy water."
aaaaaaaaa"What's your name sailor?"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"Gunner's Mate Third class L. Johnson, sir."
aaaaaaaaaaaaa"Lance Johnson the surfer?"a"Well, It's an honor to meet you Lance! I've admired your aaaaanoseriding for years! I like your cutback too!
aaaI think you have the best cutback there is!"aa"You can cut out the "sir" crap, Lance. I'm Bill Kilgore.
aaaaaaaaI'm a goofy foot. This guy is with you?"a"I want you to meet some guys. This is Mike from San Diego
aand Johnny from Malibu. We're pretty solid surfers,
aaaaaaabut none of us are anywhere near your class though.We do a lot of surfing around here, Lance. I'd like to finish operations early, fly down to Yung Tau for the evening glass. aaaaBeen riding since you got here?"

"No way. I haven't surfed since I been here."